Haftina Textile Group

We provide machine embroidery services to many markets – clothing, haberdashery, shoe market, home & decor, advertisement and automotive. We can make embroidery on different raw materials (i.e. felt, sateen, satin, knitted fabric, flax linen, denim, leather) and using various techniques (e.g. flat or convex embroidery, embroidery with pads, laser cutting, laser engraving and overprint). We can carry out a non-standard size embroidery. We have over 40 automatic embroidery machines and laser plotters at our disposal currently. We cooperate with the best customers and complete big orders quickly.


There are thousands of embroidered iron-on patches for children, youth and adults in our offer. It is a perfect product for the companies which produce clothing, shoes, bags and also for the individuals as a patch or decorative item.